Adults with Learning Difficulties

Many of the community groups we work with include adults with learning difficulties.  Some projects are specifically for people with these and physical disabilities, who are often keen to rehearse and present performances with us, not just joining in as active audience. 

Performances are always entertaining, avoid jargon and tailored to meet the particular interests of both participants and organisers.

Projects with Service Providers:

Our interactive performances are ideal forums to explore changes in service provision, often supporting government initiatives.  These have included ‘Housing Options and Independence’ for City of York Council, and ‘the Discrimination Act and Double Discrimination’ for Chapeltown Afro Caribbean Group and People in Action in Leeds. We have done a number of ‘Abuse recognition’ and ‘Safeguarding’ projects (both live dramas and DVDs)  for local authorities and safeguarding partnerships.

“I cannot recall an event where so many of the audience willingly and spontaneously took part in the drama when invited to contribute some of their own experiences. That they felt comfortable and empowered enough to do so is a testimony to the professionalism, skill and warmth of the Risky Things actors..”
Paul Stamp (CYC Community Services, Planning & Policy) Housing Options Conference

Projects with Advocacy groups


We have worked, amongst others, with Hambleton and Richmondshire Advocacy around health & safety issues and personal relationships, and with York People First exploring ‘Self Advocacy’ and ‘Choices’. These groups may want to facilitate events themselves with our support.

Example project: Positive Risk-taking
(with Wakefield Family Services)

With a project management team of service users and staff providers we devised interactive live dramas showing situations that explored ways of expanding horizons with activities and life choices that might be risky; rock climbing on holiday, moving into your own flat, or having a boy/girlfriend. 

Audiences, including staff, carers and service users, were invited to debate rights, assess risk and find enabling safety strategies.  

This material was then revised and filmed with the service users as both co-performers and support crew, alongside staff and carers, creating an all-purpose training DVD with drama and documentary elements. 

Training events for service providers

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To find out more about our work with people with learning difficulties or discuss a project please contact us.