Work with Young People 

We create interactive performances & workshops, with aims of raising self-esteem alongside educational goals. Devised in partnership with local authority departments, ‘Moving On’ and ‘Are We There Yet?’ are now tried and tested, and available ‘off the shelf’.

Issue-based performance/workshops

Journey to my Father

An exciting new history/arts project exploring cultural diversity, Journey to my Father uses drama and audience participation to build self esteem and helps young people value difference in themselves and others. Aimed primarily at Year 6 & 7 students in their crucial transition into secondary school, with its broad cross curricular objectives it will also fit into the PSCHE curriculum for primary year 5.

An entertaining ‘roots’ story about mixed-race, 11year old Amanda Ira Aldridge (real life 19th century singer and composer) this interactive, musical show with workshop, supports the audience to explore being ‘different’ and coping with prejudice.  Using time travel Amanda gets to know her black father, the famous Shakespearean actor Ira, who died when she was two.

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Teacher comments

High quality performance

Issues dealt with sensitively

An excellent concept, well presented and acted

 Comments from student:

It taught me: just because someone's skins different don't treat them different



Moving On – school transition project.

Helps young people manage the move to secondary school, including issues of bullying and peer pressure. Shows difficult challenges, and lets the audience take over roles to improve outcomes.  Can be performed by the company or as ’peer education’ by the school’s GCSE drama students with a Risky Things facilitator.

(Originally devised for Kirklees Education Authority and Settle primary school cluster).

Project at Mirfield Free Grammar:

Teacher comments

student led

small numbers of students to build a safe atmosphere where students can open up

great at dealing with key issues that matter to the students

Some comments from Year 7 students:

They were all year 11s and they were in exactly the same position as us.

it was funny when year 7 students went up and it got people involved

really helpful

based on realistic situations

very imaginative

thought through and perfected

really fun to watch and it makes you understand about things like bullying

it helped me a lot with my acting and I am more confident 

Are We There Yet? – school road safety project

A ‘forum’ performance and workshop encouraging seatbelt-wearing for KS2 pupils. Uses experienced improvisers to allow the children to create the characters with whom they can identify.  Empowers children to challenge risky behaviour and rehearse safe options. (Originally devised for NYCC Road Safety Unit this project has been consistently re-commissioned since 2001).

Drawings inspired by the show by children at North Duffield Primary School, Selby North Yorkshire march 2010)

Risky Things ability to really involve young audiences surpassed our expectations and we would unhesitatingly recommend them
David Lindsay (NYCC Road Safety Team)



Leaving Home?

School & youth club performances

Explores problems at home, homelessness and drug-related issues. Initially devised for Nightstop (young people's emergency accommodation agency) and the City of York Education Authority, it combines a forum theatre performance and workshop that support Citizenship/PSHE.   Performed in and around York and Ryedale targeting 14-18yr olds. 

Peer education projects in the community

Workshops with young people in supported accommodation who have been homeless, helping them devise live drama and video-projects for other young people who might be at risk.  Risky Things has worked with groups of young people in Bolton, Harrogate, Scarborough, Settle, York and Milton Keynes.

Feedback from the young people involved has been extremely positive.  Their self confidence has risen and they developed transferable skills such as commitment, reliability, working as a team, alongside specialist skills in acting and art and design
Connexions York and North Yorkshire

Drama Techniques and English Curriculum

Improvisation workshops for schools/colleges (free improvisation, ensemble, group work, storytelling)

Shakespeare workshops, using interactive performance: Previous work includes Macbeth for primary & secondary schools and Twelfth Night (GCSE)

Comedy improvisation workshops for youth clubs/schools and colleges.

Storytelling workshops exploring environmental issues. (Originally for Eureka! Museum, Halifax)

Practical Theorists; workshops in Stanislavski, Brecht, Beckett, Peter Brook

Physical theatre; approaches including Laban

Interactive Forum theatre, based on Boal

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