Blue Moment was devised with the Refugee Therapy Centre in London, and in consultation with Refugee Action in York and Solace in Leeds. This film of resilience and solidarity uncovers the mystery of a young woman from Africa who has arrived in Britain after being persecuted in her own country. Alongside her story are the perspectives of the therapist who helps her overcome her torture-trauma, and a local bus-driver who supports her while she is vulnerable to suspicion and abuse, as she moves through the challenging asylum process, accused of terrorism.  

This film is a Free Educational Resource you may view on this page, download from our Vimeo site here or order a DVD copy from  or Concord Media (  Please let us know how you use it and how many view it, as this information is required by our funders. Training notes with hyper links on the programme timings will take you to relevant sections of the film.

                                                                   ‘Alia felt very real; I can see the film engaging both heart and intellect’                                                                                                                                                 Heather Boyce, Head of Education Development, Anne Frank Trust.

                                                                    'This is a really powerful piece of work'
                                                                     Sarah Carlile, Safeguarding Partnership Manager, Kirklees


Seeking Asylum (below) is a 4 minute, non-narrative film short presenting a refugee’s perspective using poetry by Samra Mayanja and music by Robert Drane, conceived by Kenric Yuen.  It makes a plea for borders to be open and asylum to be granted in the UK today. Please download and circulate.